The Pure Michigan campaign has been increasing travel to, and spending in, Michigan for over 10 years. So much so that it has been awarded two Effies for sustained success.

As the creator and steward of the award-winning “Pure Michigan” campaign, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for vacationers to come and experience Michigan. With campaign voiceover work from native son Tim Allen, we’ve helped make michigan.org the most visited state tourism website in the nation for a decade.

More importantly, we helped our state recover $7.67 in sales tax revenue for every dollar invested in the campaign. And for the first time in state tourism history, the spending from visitors outside of Michigan exceeded resident spending.


“I am so proud of our state and all that she offers us. Your commercials are inspirational and truly do portray the essence of our Michigan. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team does.” -Jerald

“I live in Texas and have loved seeing your ads for the last couple of years. So this year I decided to ditch the Texas heat and see Michigan for real… And I’ve got to say… It’s all true! I’m having a fantastic time in the Travers City area. Yea for Pure Michigan!” -Polly

“Although I live in Connecticut, I do have family in Michigan. I LOVE the Pure Michigan ads so much! They are the ONLY ones that I actually watch because when ads come on, I switch channels, EXCEPT for the Pure Michigan ads. I could watch them forever! I have been sharing Michigan pictures on Facebook for a year. What is so pleasing is that a woman just told me that she was planning a vacation in Washington DC, but because I share the ads, she saw the one for Mackinac Island and is going to Michigan instead of Washington DC. Isn’t that just wonderful.
Please do not ever change the Pure Michigan ads. They are priceless!”

“Just wanted to let you all know that your TV ads are working. I’d seen them multiple times (in Washington DC) and this year we decided to give it a shot. We’d done the east coast up and down most of our lives, and Mich wasn’t even really on our radar (it’s only about 11 hours – a long day’s drive), but your ads and the fact that my wife’s college roommate is in AA sold us. We were beyond thrilled when we arrived. Mich is a true hidden gem. People are friendly, prices are reasonable, but there aren’t the crowds/lines at more traditional destinations (except for Slo’s BBQ in Detroit — that was horrendous, but for good reason).

We were dubious, and so were our kids, when we said we were considering Mich for a week’s vacation in July, but you all were right — it really is a magnificent place. Thanks for intriguing us enough to try it ourselves.” -Butch